Design Studio/Retail Boutique

How do you actually live in your space, and what makes you happy?

Great design starts with asking the right questions. At que será, we take a thoughtful, personal approach to design. We first strive to understand your aesthetic, priorities, and dreams. Only then do we draw on our vast resources to create a customized plan, tailored to the task at hand. 

que será has its own distinct sensibility, which is apparent the moment you walk through the door of our studio on Excelsior's historic Water Street. Owner Mary Lauer's extensive travels and hands-on experience have enabled her to curate an inspired collection of home furnishings, accessories, lighting, linens, and other treasures, almost exclusively made by American artisans and family-run companies. Often described as having a "luxe casual" vibe, que será is a unique interior design showroom offering a varied selection of in-stock furnishings, bedding, decorative lighting and both home and personal accessories. The core of our studio's mission, however, is custom, made-to-order furnishings. 

Our que será family understands that every purchase for your home is meaningful. Our clients appreciate our team's thoughtful approach. At the same time, Mary believes that the design process should be fun, collaborative and inspiring, and definitely not intimidating. Our designers are serious about their craft, but their aim is to make your time with them enjoyable and stress-free. It's like having a friend with "fresh eyes."