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Que sera sera iPad


1. we adore this set of wallpapers for your phone, iPad, computer, and Facebook cover photo with the moniker of our lovely little interior design boutique in excelsior! from the college prep blog:

"I also just love the phrase Que Sera, Sera. Sometimes I repeat that to myself when things aren't necessarily going as planned... or if I'm not sure what the plan is or should be in the first place. Even the way the phrase rolls off your tongue has a calming effect. Whatever will be, will be."-College Prep

2. our very favorite savvy sassy mom in existence, andrea fellman, has selected her picks from the oh baby! website and because we love her so much, we're offering 15% off all of those until june 26th! there's some products in there like the blabla doll that we just about never offer a discount on, so hop in there and surface with something adorable :)

3. we pinned these the other day, but now that it's finally summer-- it seems just about the perfect time for these adorable lemon coconut cupcakes in a jar!


4. one of the most beautiful wedding magazines of all time, minnesota bride magazine, recently featured mary's wedding pillows in a special newlywed gift idea! such a beautiful reminder of your love and how to celebrate each other every day.

happy friday!


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